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Your dog probably has your eyes

So apparently today is National Dog Day? Such a concept brings to mind my mother’s response when I found out as a child that they celebrated a Children’s Day in Mexico. When I asked her why we didn’t have a Children’s Day in the U.S., my mother responded with “Because every day is Children’s Day.” I had to admit even then that she had a point, and I can’t help but feel like every day is Lou’s day as well (at least I try to make it that way). But I am certainly not going to be the curmudgeon who tries to take away an excuse to post adorable puppy pictures all over the internet, not like an excuse was ever needed anyway.

So in honor of Dog Day I would like to call everyone’s attention to a study published last December and recently covered by Slate that tackled

Well, I guess we are about the same size

Well, I guess we are about the same size

the age old idea that dogs and owners start to resemble each other over time. Now, I personally have never had anyone tell me that I look like my dog. In fact, I once had a man at Petco tell me my dog was prettier than I was. I figure he was just more into blonds.

But nevertheless this concept does seem somewhat pervasive, and apparently also has scientific merit. This study, conducted by Dr. Sadahiko Nakajima in Japan, not only showed that people can correctly match up pictures of dog owners with their respective dogs, but that they could do so even if all that was visible in the pictures were the eyes of both human and canine. How or what it is about the eyes that allowed the judges to correctly match dog and owner are completely unknown, as is why dog and owner eyes would look alike (incidentally, all the owners had the same color eyes so it had to be some other, ineffable quality).

So celebrate this dog day by staring deeply into the eyes of your beloved canine companion and see if you can find yourself staring back at you.