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Good news, apparently domestic violence can be solved with sugar

I’m not going to joke about domestic violence. It is a serious issue and it is not a laughing matter. Which is why I found the following study to be a bit too much. A study at Ohio State University tested the association between low glucose (sugar) levels and spousal aggression. I’m not going to lie, I think this was a really weird study to begin with. Over 21 days they had 107 couples measure their evening glucose levels. They also gave the participants voodoo dolls that represented their spouse along with 51 pins. Throughout the day they got to stick as many pins in the doll as they wanted, and had to right down how many pins they stabbed their spouse doll with each day. Then after 21 days they went back to the lab and played a competitive computer game with what they thought was their spouse but was actually a computer. When they won, they got to play a loud obnoxious sound for up to 5 seconds in their spouses ears. This was another way to measure aggression. With them so far?

Long story short, they found that lower glucose levels meant higher levels of aggression in the participants, meaning more pins in the doll, longer annoying sounds in the ears. It has been shown in other studies that we only have a certain level of self-control, which is what they credited for the increase of aggression with less blood sugar. Basically, if your spending your whole day using all your self-control trying to keep yourself from eating that extra cookie, then you don’t have any left to control your aggression.

I have no problem with this conclusion. It fits in with the conclusions in earlier studies. But then they take it even further and say that these results can apply to solving domestic violence. Good news everyone! We have finally found the key to solving domestic violence, and it includes cupcakes! There really is a kind and just god. Domestic violence is the result of one person being so selfish and self-centered that they feel they are the only person that matters in the world, and their spouse is nothing more than a punching bag meant for their personal use. This isn’t about a lack of self-control, it’s about narcissists who think that the suffering of others does not matter. I’ll buy that maybe eating dessert will stop a couple from bickering before bedtime, but you can’t say that a man beats his wife just because he was a little cranky he didn’t get a cookie. That is marginalizing the suffering and experience that battered wives (or husbands) go through. I’m all for using science to find solutions for big problems, but let’s not over reach ourselves just to get a good headline. Let’s call a spade a spade, or in this case, a felon.