About Me

For those of you who think you like science but aren’t quite sure or are just in the mood to try something new, The Science Sampler is something of a tasting menu for all things science. Here you will find a smattering of smidgens of stimulating studies. Alliterations aside, this is the place to go to find cool things happening in the world of science regardless of your background.

For a little background info, my name is Hannah Rosen and I am a PhD candidate at the Hopkins Marine Lab of Stanford University. I’m currently doing research on squid and how they change color. I grew up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, and spent my childhood exploring the woods and ponds and developing a deep love for nature and the outdoors. As I got older this grew into a love of science which I used to continue expanding my knowledge of the world around me. However, the deeper I dove into the rabbit hole of academia, the more I realized that it is a world that is only accessible to some. I was blessed with many opportunities growing up that have allowed me to reach where I am today, and yet every step I have taken in science seemed impossible, unobtainable, because of the reputation science has of being exclusive and inaccessible to all but the elite.

Well, I am here to tell you that this simply is not true! Science is no different from the explorations we do as children, just with a little more finesse and rigor. I want to help you understand that science is for you! In fact, science is for everyone. But sometimes it is hard to make it through the jargon to see that. Jargon, even the word itself sounds imposing. So let’s leave it all behind and just talk about what an amazing, awesome world we live in!


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